A full night of NBA action last night with 8 great games, so the countdown is back up to 10! And here are they are:

10.) We start things of in Los Angeles as the Nets' Joe Johnson gets the steal and the assist to Mason Plumlee for the dunk.

9.) On to Cleveland where the Cavs' Spencer Hawes gets the circus shot to go in while being hounded by multiple Wizards defenders.

8.) In Portland, the Trailblazers' Thomas Robinson execute the sweet up-and-under and finishes with the one-hand slam. Very nicely done!

7.) In Phoenix, the Rockets' Dwight Howard catches the lob from Chandler Parsons and sends it home with ease.

6.) Moving on the Mile High City, where the Kings' Rudy Gay takes it to the hole and finishes strong with left-handed jam.

5.) In OKC, the Durantula gets busy crossing people over and then going right down the middle for the dunk. Where's the Clippers defense?

4.) Keeping it on KD, this time with the steal, then the fancy turnaround to get past CP3 and then through poor Matt Barnes for the and 1 lay-in. Again Clippers... where's the "D"?

3.) Back in Phoenix, Dwight Howard again the recipient of a nice alley oop which effortlessly sends home.

2.) Back to Cleveland, the #1 draft pick, Anthony Bennett delivers the facial dunk with force.

1.) But the top spot has a lot of action. First, Portland's Wesley Matthews gets blocked, then the T-Wolves are off the other way. Corey Brewer goes for the one-hand slam and gets swatted and it's back the other way as Will Barton gets the alley for two!