Only 3 games of NBA action last night, so the highlight reel is cut down to 5. But what great plays they are!!! Let's get to it!

5.) We start things off in Phoenix as the Thunder's Russell Westbrook get's the steal and the stuff. So nice we had to get both plays steal and dunk plays on here!

4.) On to San Antonio where the Spurs' Tony Parker spins to lose one Miami Heat defender and then the nice move around another. The veteran still has it.

3.) Same game, this time the Suns' showing out with the nice dunk from Alex Len. Way to finish while being hit in the face.

2.) Still in Texas, the Suns' Gerald Green had a career scoring night and helped bring his time back for the victory, even after being down 16 late in the game. Excellent 3-point shooting, but this drive and dunk is just nasty!

1.) But the top spot goes to the Clippers' Blake Griffin for finishing this alley oop with a super air-grabbing dunk after the set-up from CP3.