The NBA ballers made sure to give us some great highlights for Veteran's Day and here are your top 10!!!

10.) Utah's Gordon Hayward has added a little muscle mass to his frame for this season. All the better to get this slam (with the lucky bounce) on the Nuggets' starting center J.J. Hickson.

9.) The Pacers' resident frenchman, Ian Mahinmi rises to the occasion for the fingertip block.

8.) The Celtics' Jordan Crawford makes the countdown with the sweet head fake and no-look dish to Brandon Bass for 2.

7.) Back to back Boston plays with the steal by Gerald Wallace, after he misses the easy lay-up, Vítor Faverani comes in for the clean-up dunk.

6.) Superman, Dwight Howard gets the grown man block on Rudy Gay.

5.) Three different Clippers get involved on this highlight of unselfish play that ended with the monster throw-down by DeAndre Jordan.

4.) Derek Rose goes coast to coast against the Cavs.

3.) Back at the Staple Center, Jamal Crawford asks for it with time running out to end the 3rd quarter and drains the half-court bank shot.

2.) Denver's J.J. Hickson has what so far looks to be the slam dunk poster of the year with this 2-handed powerhouse facial on Utah's Marvin Williams (still not sure why this wasn't #1)

1.) Rudy Gay gets his revenge with his buzzer-beating 3-pointer which puts the game in overtime against the Rockets