3 games of playoff action last night, the top 10 are on the board!!!

Let's begin with the Bucks' Brandon Jennings reverse on Chris "Birdman" Andersen in Miami. Way to stay in front of the big man blocking machine.

On to Denver, where JaVale McGee's high flying, arm stretching hook shot beautifully goes in as he gets the "and 1" during the Nuggets' home game versus the Warriors. We stay in Denver for Wilson Chandler's 2-hand poster-making dunk over Andrew Bogut (this is becoming a staple for the Aussie).

Back in Miami, Chris Bosh gets in on the 2-hand dunk club on a difficult drive and finish.

Andre Iguodala gets "Iggy with it" on a down the middle drive and exclamation mark dunk (where he may or may not have been fouled).

Back in Miami, the Birdman gets a little revenge on the Bucks as he swats Marquis Daniels lay-up attempt.

Paul Pierce has a darn near full court alley oop pass to Jeff Green for the jam. However, the Knicks answer with the 6-man of the year winner, JR Smith's 4 point range, last second, half time buzzer beating 3.

Once again in Miami, Dwayne Wayne dunks in a Mario Chalmers miss.

But the number one spot goes to Golden State Warrior Harrison Barnes for his reverse jam on the Nuggets.