Only three games of NBA hoop action last night, but plenty enough to get us a going. And here are your top 5!

5.) We start things off at the the last few seconds of the third quarter at the Staples Center, with the Clippers' Jamal Crawford's long range (and contested) 3-pointer to beat the buzzer.

4.) We keep it in L.A. as Blake Griffin slams one in the face of the Timberwolves' big man, Nikola Peković.

3.) In Indiana, the Pacers' Lance Stephenson beautifully brakes the ankles of the Celtics' Courtney Lee.

2.) Back in the City of Angels, Blake Griffin again with a monster dunk (although I counted 3 steps and saw a clear out). Good no call ref.

1.) But the top spot goes to Jamal Crawford (again on this countdown?) for the easy dunk after the Minnesota turnover that put the game into overtime, where the Clippers picked up the victory.