Plenty of NBA action last night which brings the highlight reel back to 10. Without further adieu...

10.) The Grizzlies' Jerryd Bayless starts off the countdown with this monster dunk after the feed from Mike Conley.

9.) In Philly, Chris "CP3" Paul throws the nice alley oop to DeAndre Jordan who finishes with style. The Clippers get the "W" in the city of brotherly love.

8.) The Bobcats' Gerald Henderson gets the beautiful chase-down-from-behind block on Harrison Barnes. A prime example of go hard or go home.

7.) The Clippers' Chris Paul again with the assist after the sweet hang-time dunk from Blake Griffin.

6.) In Sacramento, The Kings' DeMarcus Cousins get the pin-to-the-backboard block which leads to the Derrick Williams slam the other way. We will see DW again on the countdown.

5.) In our nation's capital, the Nugget's J.J. Hickson takes a bump in the air, and still manages to finish. Good shot J.J. and good feed from Randy Foye.

4.) Derrick Williams graces us again, this time with the acrobatic reverse lay up in traffic.

3.) Portland's Thomas Robinson gets the big man rejection on Utah's Jeremy Evans.

2.) Derrick Williams for the third time on the countdown with this alley oop finish after the off-the-backboard lob from Isaiah Thomas. Thomas had a career high 12 assists while DW scored a career high 31 points!

1.) The Warriors' Andrew Bogut starts off the #1 spot with the block that leads to Harrison Barnes reverse dunk the other way.