Only 2 games of NBA action last night, so the countdown is shrunk down to 5 plays. But what amazing plays they are!!!

5.) We start things off in the Mile High City as OKC's Kevin Durant breaks the Nuggets' small forward, Kenneth Faried's ankle and then drains the mid-range jumper in his face.

4.) Last night's other game, at Madison Square Garden, the King, LeBron James slams one home with force as the Knicks' defenders part like the red sea.

3.) Same game, King James once again schooling New York with this reverse dunk.

2.) Still in NYC, the Knicks' Tim Hardaway, Jr. gets revenge with this put-back dunk over and on the head of Miami's Ray Allen. OUCH! The Knicks step away with the victory over the reigning champs.

1.) But the top spot goes to the Thunders' Reggie Jackson for this dunk over (not again this countdown) Kenneth Faried. Nicely done on the taller defender. However, not good enough as Denver gets the win.