Only a couple of games last night, so the countdown is a mere 5. And here they are:

5.) We begin in Orlando as Portland's Damian Lillard picks the pocket of the Magics' rookie, Victor Oladipo and gets the easy lay-in the other way.

4.) In L.A., another example of defense leading to offense as the Lakers' Xavier Henry gets the steal and finishes with the dunk.

3.) Onto Dallas where OKC's All-Star Kevin Durant takes the bump from veteran All-Star Vince Carter, but still manages to sink the shot and get the and 1.

2.) Moving onto Cleveland as the Cavs' Jarrett Jack bullets the no-look pass to Luol Deng for the lay-up in traffic.

1.) But the top spot goes to the Magics' Victor Oladipo for breaking the ankles of Portland's Mo Williams and getting the shot to sink. Well done rookie!!!