With only four NBA games Sunday night, the countdown is back down to five and here are your highlights.

5.) The Sun's Eric Bledsoe starts it off today with a backboard-slapping rejection on the unibrow, Anthony Davis.

4.) OKC's Jeremy Lamb grabs a steal and slams it down hard the other way for an easy 2.

3.) The Spur's Boris Diaw gets jiggy with the no look, behind-the-back pass to Tony Parker for the push shot bucket.

2.) The Thunder again make the highlight reel with the Durantula's last second 3-pointer to send the game into overtime against the Wizards.

1.) The Green family has been owning the top plays this weekend. The #1 spot goes to the Sun's Gerald Green for his rim-rocking windmill dunk. Way to get some air boyo!!!