An all new animated Batman movie came out this week, but this is not your children's Batman. The full length direct-to-video film entitled 'Batman: Assault on Arkham' actually revolves around the Suicide Squad, a group of DC villains/criminals thrown on a team together against their will. Although the title boasts the dark knight's moniker, throughout the majority of the movie he plays a supporting role. But don't be fooled... this might be the best Batman movie ever!!!

Yes, it's animated so technically that makes it a cartoon, but it allows for certain cinema aspects that rival even the Christopher Nolan live-action The Dark Knight trilogy movies. For one, a lot of Batman's enemies, as well as allies are colorful, dark, twisted characters. That doesn't always carry over well to the big screen. Remember 1997's Batman & Robin? Yeah... I'm trying to forget it too. This movie gives characters like Harley Quinn, Killer Frost and the Riddler a chance to play out in all their comic book style original glory, but with voices and movement in an environment and world that actually works.

I'm more of a Marvel comic book fan myself (see also: Iron Man vs. Batman), but the story line, combined with excellent voice actors and great animation makes this possible the best Batman movie I've ever seen. Kudos to DC Comics and Warner Brothers for this one. Just don't let you kids watch it. The language, violence and sexual references made me question the PG-13 rating.