This week in Wyoming is all about The Border War. The UW/CSU pregame does start about a week before kickoff.

Taking a break from the differences of the teams, here's how just the institutions, themselves, are different.

In the U.S. News and World Report national ranks: UW  is #171 ... CSU is #150

CSU has the renowned College of Veterinary Medicine, and Biomedical Sciences. They are considered a leading research university. (Well Lah Tee Da.)

UW offers the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Undergrad enrollment at UW is 10,045. At CSU that's 24,433. (One is in the more crowed land of The Poudre, Fort Collins, CO. The other IS Laramie, WY.)

In-state tuition and fees at UW are $5,055.  At CSU make that $11,080 (That's over 6,000 reasons Wyoming is better right there!)

And now back to football. Go Pokes!