After a recent grocery shopping trip, I made it home and realized I'd forgotten a major ingredient in what I was planning to make. I was sem-tired, already in my pajamas and I really didn't feel like going back to the store. It occurred to me that back in the day, my grandmother would have just knocked on any one of our neighbors doors and asked to borrow said item.

This got me to thinking about the many Nick-At-Nite sitcoms that had episodes involving borrowing a cup of milk or sugar, but it seems the days of the Family Ties, Happy Days and Leave To Beaver eras are over... just a nostalgic thing of the past.

We've often traded in the friendly banter of conversing with neighbors to binge watching Netflix. Although fear of the unknown, increased crime rates and the changing of the times may have played a small part in this, would our lives be better if we were more personable with our neighbors?

Which leads us to the question: