I wonder if the people of the humble little town of Shoshoni, Wyoming know that there is a popular superhero in the Marvel universe that comes from their town.

Her name is Melissa Gold. Her powers are a sonic scream that she can use in many different ways, including the ability to make objects, kind of like Green Lantern. She also has extra strength and is very fast.

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When she was just a child her mother was sent to prison for robbery. Her father was the town drunk. The kids at school knew about all of this and picked on her. So in her teenage years, Melissa ran away from her home town of Shoshoni Wyoming and grew up wandering and on the streets. She took the name "Mimi" as part of a hard, cold persona she developed as a survival mechanism.

Here is a fun video of her, during her bad years as Screaming Mimi.

She got into a relationship with a criminal named Mike, who abandoned her to the police when he was found with stolen goods. Melissa went to prison where she met wrestler Marian Pouncy, who brought her into the costumed wrestling team the Grapplers as "Screaming Mimi". The Grapplers moonlighted as criminals and were cybernetically enhanced by Roxxon Oil, who had hired them to invade the government's Project: PEGASUS facility, but they were defeated by Quasar and Giant-Man.

She's having a tough life so far, isn't she? Don't worry, keep reading, she changes her ways.

Here is a video about a songbird action figure.

She bounced around with other villain's for a while, then eventually joined a group of heroes called Thunderbolts. That is when she changed her life and took the new hero name: Songbird. She also began dating teammate Abe Jenkins, alias M.A.C.H. 1. He trained her in combat making her a better hero.

She did work with the Avengers for a while and even S.H.E.I.L.D.

Here is a quick shot of her and her powers in an Avengers cartoon.

Her character has been featured in movies, TV shows and video games. She will soon be on the TV show Falcon & Winter Soldier. Find out more at this link.

There is so much more to tell, and you can find her entire story at this link.

Here is a video featuring her in a video game.

So, why did this characters creators pick Shoshoni, Wyoming as her home town? I'm thinking they just did not have any heroes from Wyoming and so someone put their finger in the middle of the state and thought, yeah, that place sounds good. I wish there was a better explanation.

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