If you're a bull moose in Yellowstone National Park, you have plenty of reasons to be proud. One big moose recently lost his antlers, but is mighty proud anyway.

This special video moment was shared by Yellowstone Wolf Tracker on Facebook this past weekend. This big guy looks mighty happy, but the bison who are lounging nearby don't seem to be be impressed.

The status shared on Facebook pretty much nails what's happening here:

This bull moose may have lost his antlers but he still has plenty of sass!
The bison don’t seem very impressed though.

According to an article on National Geographic, this moose antler shed is right on time. The moose shed is normally complete by the end of January, so this big guy is ready for a new rack to grow between now and mating season later this year.

It's just another leisurely Yellowstone National Park wildlife moment during the winter when the animals have the run of the place without a zillion tourists climbing over each other for a pic. Just wildlife being wildlife which is the way it should be.

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