Cee Lo Green proved once again that he is a gentleman with the patience of a Saint when he was ambushed by a vocally aspiring TMZ photographer over the weekend. America’s most adorable Lady Killer was just standing on the sidewalk, minding his own business when the paparazzi asked if it was too late to squeeze in an impromptu blind audition for ‘The Voice.’

Realizing the camera is rolling, and anything he says can and will be used against him on TMZ, Cee Lo gamely plays along. Now we can’t completely blame the pap for taking his shot at landing a new career.

And so the caged bird sings. So what does Cee Lo Green think? Well, he takes the high road, quipping, “you should be on Adam’s team.”

The pap mercifully shuts up and thanks Cee Lo for the opportunity, but not before he goads the ‘Forget You’ singer into commenting on the ‘American Idol‘ feud. Cee Lo is about to take the bait, but catches himself and instead sends nothing but love to his network rival.

And with that, Cee Lo makes his way back to the lap of luxury, the adoration of a nation and a career he works very hard to perfect every single day.