Madonna had an onstage mishap at her Dallas show on Sunday, Oct. 21. Madge was interacting with the adoring crowd during the smash hit ‘Like a Prayer,’ kneeling before them while the fans sang louder than she did. When she crouched down to engage the crowd a second time, she lost her footing and fell over. Splat! She gives new meaning to the idea of stop, drop and roll in this giggle-inducing clip.

It wasn’t quite a fall. It was more of a falling over.

For the first 30 seconds of the video, you can enjoy the performance. Madge, clad in a glittery coat and black leather leggings, clasped hands with fans and sang with them, sporting a huge smile the entire time. She clearly enjoyed interacting with her fans. But little she did know, that grin was about to be wiped off her face.

She then bent down again, going from her feet, to her knees, to her back, rolling over. Walk much, Madge?

She barely missed a beat, getting right back up and finishing the song, walking to the other part of the stage. We gotta say that Madge is a consummate pro. She didn’t show any sign of embarrassment. Moving right along…

Maybe it was karma for bringing a gun onstage and angering fans in Colorado. Or perhaps it was karma related to her constant badgering of Lady Gaga when she performs.