Below is a collection of videos showcasing what NOT to do when trying to fire up the dance floor. Based on the amount of Youtube video views and comments, these are the Top 5 DJ's you should never hire for your event.


1. When DJ's perform at a wedding, one rule comes to mind: It's about the bride and groom, not your wacky mic skills and stage antics. This guy obviously did not read the first rule. Another (unwritten) rule: Don't play your assistants boobies like bongos. Again, he clearly did not get the memo.

2. Got to give the kid credit. At least he's TRYING to hype the crowd (if there was one to begin with), but we score his performance less than a "6.7 out of ten"

3. No Mics. No cables. Now wires. Ouch. This one is painful to watch.

4. Granted, the guys are probably fantastic DJ's. But maybe just a little to rambunctious. Witness the worst stage collapse in history.

5. Here is one DJ that actually had a bottle thrown at him by the infamous Notorious BIG! Safe to say, this cat probably was probably not offered a position as the late rappers full time tour DJ after this catastrophic performance.