No, we're not surprised. Yes, we are not happy to report that it appears a tourist really did pet a bison in Yellowstone recently.

Here's the exact quote from the person that shared this video:

This video was taken at Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park. A couple was way too close to a buffalo and she tried to pet it.

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The last time my family visited Yellowstone, we noticed how many people get way too close to bison when they're on the crosswalks in the park. Shortly after that, a young girl was thrown into the air by an irritated bison.

This same tragic result could have happened in this situation. A woman and man were next to one of these large mammals when the woman appears to have reached out and pet one.

It's very early in the 2021 tourist season and already we have what we refer to as a "touron moment" to share. We'd be happy if this were the last one although it's likely this is unfortunately the first of many.

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