You never know what you're gonna see when you check what the trail cam captured the night before. In this case, wildlife folks were entertained by a hilarious badger versus fox chase scene.

It played out like a classic Road Runner cartoon. But, instead of the coyote and road runner, it was a badger chasing a fox. It appears the fox's curiosity brought him a little too close to a badger's territory.

In case you didn't know, badgers don't tend to have great eyesight. Discover Wildlife describes this as one of the reasons they get ticked so easy. The badger unleashes the fury in hopes of chasing a predator off.

It appears this badger never did catch up to the fox, but was successful in convincing the fox that it needed to be elsewhere.

This reminded me of the classic Yellowstone video where a badger took over a fox den which resulted in a wild confrontation.

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