For most Wyomingites, we started the 2021 with at least some sort of plan for how we plan to attack the new year. A new video takes it a step further by giving you three animal options to best describe how you plan on proceeding.

The official US Department of the Interior Twitter posted the following short 30-second video, along with a caption that read:

Otter, fox, or bison, which one represents how you're heading into 2021?
OtterFox faceBison

Ok 2021, let's do this.

Video clips from @YellowstoneNPS #Wyoming #Montana #Idaho

I'm going with the bison personally. It's big, powerful and can move with a lot of speed if it's needed to. In the video above, it's moving a slow, but steady pace. That's how I plan to conquer 2021, steady, but showing my power.

Which animal best defines how you plan on tackling this year in the Cowboy State? What other Wyoming creatures could be your "spirit animal"?

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