Apparently Kanye West can make you famous, even if he doesn't sign you to his record label.

A traveling country singer/musician from West Virginia, by the name of Draven Riffe, was recently performing here in the Cowboy State (we can assume it was somewhere near or in Cody). While he was performing, Ye pulled out his smartphone and started recording him.

@dravenriffeKanye West walks into a bar ... #fyp♬ original sound - DravenRiffe

Luckily, someone managed to get footage of Kanye actually recording him, which Draven uploaded to his TikTok page. Good thing he did too, because he's managed to go viral in the last six days. His video has already amassed over 100,000 likes and close to 1800 comments.  

Being recorded by a multi Grammy award winning artist like West is sure to get you noticed. Yeezy has won 21 Grammys and been nominated for 3 times as many.

Big props to Draven. Maybe this means Kanye will feature on one of his tracks in the near future. After all, so far country is about the only genre Ye hasn't dabbled in yet. As an official Wyoming resident now, it's the logical next step.

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