There is forever someone on social media attempting to bad mouth Wyoming. When it comes to Twitter, I think it's about 25% all it's used for (especially considering the large amount of users that think we don't exist), but this latest jab takes aim at the quite literally the entire country. Well, one city particularly in each state.

Twitter user, Sir Dennis Marrow (@thegreatkingsir), polled his pretty vast following to find out which city was the worst for each state.

While I'm pretty sure, this map was strictly made by his 30,000+ followers, it was kind of interesting to see what other cities in other states that got the stink eye. I was semi-offended that the city I grew up in (Flint) was named the worst in Michigan, but then I thought, yeah... as of now, it's fitting. For our neighbors in Colorado, Pueblo was called out. For Utah, it was a town I had never heard of named Provo.

Considering there is no real rhyme or reason to this map, just individual opinions, I hope the good people of Rock Springs don't take it too personal. We still love you.

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