The Natrona County Sheriff's Office recently conducted tobacco compliance checks for businesses throughout the county with the majority passing.

Natrona County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Taylor Courtney said the checks are conducted by sending a juvenile into the businesses who attempt to purchase tobacco.

"They will go in and ask for a certain item of tobacco. If they are asked for their ID, they provide their correct, real ID which shows they are a minor," Courtney said. "(If the business refuses) to sell it by looking at the ID, they pass."

"If they look at the ID and still sell it to them, they are given a citation. If they don't ask for an ID, and they still sell it to the minor, they are given a citation for selling tobacco to a minor."

Two businesses in Natrona County failed the checks on Tuesday, while five others passed.

The businesses that reportedly sold tobacco to a minor are as follows:

  • Bar Nunn Loaf & Jug
  • Alcova Marina.

The businesses that passed the compliance check and did not sell tobacco products to a minor include:

  • Sloan's General Store
  • Big D Truck Stop
  • Hiland's Bright Spot
  • Ghost Town Truck Stop
  • Pathfinder Marina
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