Thursday night, a Marine open fired on two of his colleagues in the barracks, before turning his weapon on himself. All three were confirmed dead on the scene. The shooter and the victims, a male and a female, were staff at one of the military base's schools. Most information is being withheld at this time pending the investigation, including the victims and the assailant's name, at least for the next 24 hours, until the families are notified.

Quantico MPs (Military Police) and the Prince William County (Virginia) Sheriff's Department responded to a report of gunshots around 10:30pm eastern standard time. Within five minutes, they had arrived on the scene, base commander Col. David W. Maxwell stated at today's press conference.

According to officials, neither the MPs or the sheriff's department exchanged any gunfire. All three bodies were discovered approximately around 3:30am this morning. No reason has been given as to why there was a 6 hour lag between when the first gunshots were heard being fired and when the bodies were located. It has been reported that the incident was "isolated" and not a random act. Initial speculation is that the incident involved an earlier argument between all three of the Marines.