There is at least one celebrity (besides Miley Cyrus) who isn't completely OVER tweaking -- and that person is clearly Vanessa Hugdens!

The actress-singer brought her best booty-shaking moves to the stage of L.A. nightclub Bootsy Bellows on Tuesday (Sept. 24), joining girl group YLA on their EDM-sounding track '$$$EX.'

Vanessa, dressed in a black crop top and leather short shorts, is all attitude during their performance of the track, which was inspired by her girls-gone-wild movie with Selena Gomez, 'Spring Breakers.' There are also a couple of people wearing giant animal suits -- it's like they're refugees from Miley's 'We Can't Stop' video!

In all, the crazy/sexy onstage moves are like Vanessa and YLA's video come to life. No wonder the front rows of the audience look to be mainly men!

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