I have always known that Wyoming was rich in history, but I never realized that Amelia Earhart was an important part of it. I have uncovered video of what have been Amelia's Wyoming log cabin near the Wood River.

I have heard talk that Amelia Earhart had planned to live in Wyoming before she disappeared mysteriously over the Pacific. A couple years ago, a lone adventurer shared video of his hike to the build site for Amelia's Wyoming cabin near the ghost town of Kirwin.

The cabin itself never really became a cabin. As WyoHistory mentions, Amelia and her husband began their Wyoming home efforts in 1934:

...during their 1934 visit, Earhart and Putnam filed a mining claim and commissioned him to build a small log cabin for them near the Wood River and at the base of Mount Sniffer about a mile from the old mining town of Kirwin.

Sadly, it was the summer of 1937 when Amelia Earhart disappeared while flying over the Pacific. The construction of Amelia's Wood River cabin only resulted in two walls being constructed before her disappearance. As the video shows, you can still see the barren remains of what that project started to be.

One can only imagine how interesting it would have been to have a world explorer like Amelia Earhart make her home in Wyoming if fate hadn't intervened. You'd have to believe her dislike for the limelight would have made our part of America perfect for her. What could have been.

The ghost town of Kirwin has its own wild history of which Amelia Earhart is only a part of. Outlaws and early miners also crossed path in this part of Wyoming. PBS shared an in-depth video about Kirwin not that long ago.

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