It's no secret Kanye West has a couple of tank-like vehicles. It's also not a secret he has them on his ranch in Cody, Wyoming. The question is, was the Grammy award winning rapper and producer driving around in one of them on the streets of the Cowboy State recently?

A new TikTok video posted by a Laramie woman named Stephanie (beautifuldisaster1991), shows one of these vehicles, which are actually called Sherp ATVs, on the road yesterday (March 15th, 2021).

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The TikTok video was a little too short to tell if it was actually Kanye's or not, but it wouldn't be a surprise. He's posted videos of him riding around in his and he did his famous QC Magazine interview laying on top of them. Also, both the music videos he recorded for Jesus Is King (Follow God and Closed On Sundays), features the Sherp vehicles in the footage. The video below, shows when they were delivered to him at his Cody ranch.

Now again, it may not have been the eccentric billionaire, but the Sherp ATV does carry a $120,000 price tag, so it's not like it's a vehicle that just anyone can afford. Plus the company that makes them is out of the Ukraine (Russia), so getting one stateside is no easy feat. It's also unclear whether or not Stephanie was in her home of Laramie when she took the footage or anywhere else in the state, because all it says in the caption is Wyoming.

We may never know who was behind the wheel. All we do know is how bad we all want to own one.

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