I think I may have found the first group of bear vegetarians in the history of Yellowstone National Park. A hiker shared video of a grizzly family who chose to chow down on wild onions even though a wild elk herd was directly above them.

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This is one of the reasons why Stan Mills is one of my favorite follows on YouTube. He shares a lot of Yellowstone content, but does it responsibly. Here's how he described his most recent hike inside the park:

This is a hike along the boundary area of Yellowstone National Park. I did 2 separate hikes in this area on 2 separate days. I am out early hiking quietly, peacefully, and extremely respectful of the wildlife and their home. Staying unseen and unnoticed by the wildlife means a successful hike for me in God's beautiful creation.

NOTE: About 4 minutes in, you'll see the grizzlies eating wild onions while being watched very carefully by the elk herd above.

It's not really surprising if you think about it. As Bear Smart mentions, bears eat plants as one of their most convenient food sources. There are two other factors at work here which help explain why the bears are eating onions instead of elk.

1. Onions don't run

2. The elk have a superior elevation advantage

The grizzlies likely figured it wasn't worth the effort (for now anyway) to run uphill to pursue the herd when they have wild onions right in front of them.

Another wonderful moment of Yellowstone being Yellowstone being made better by hikers like Stan Mills who know how to stay out of the way and not interfere with wild animals in their element.

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