How do you deal with the heat? Hopefully air conditioning is an option for you. For a grizzly in Yellowstone, there's one option readily available in many parts of the park. Head to the river and play hard.

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One of my favorite YouTube channels for unique wildlife moments out of Yellowstone is the Yellowstone Twins. If you don't already, they are a highly recommended follow as they frequently capture interesting animal moments and share. Here's how they described their recent grizzly bear share:

Grizzly Bear Swims and Plays in Yellowstone National Park. The grizzly bear first crossed the road and then went right into the Yellowstone River near Hayden Valley. He swam and played in the river for about 30 minutes on a hot summer day. Then he went to the other side of the river and disappeared into the trees. Video taken with a zoom lens.

The zoom lens part is key as they honor park rules of staying a safe distance away from wildlife. This grizzly had no idea his party in the Yellowstone River was being videoed.

Do yourself a favor and make sure to subscribe to the Yellowstone Twins on YouTube. I highly encourage supporting photographers and videographers that share wildlife moments from the park while also obeying the guidelines to make sure the wildlife is given their space.

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