Adam Lambert had a cameo on 'Pretty Little Liars' where he performed and acted. So it was a two-fer, sorta like Bruno Mars on 'SNL' last week, but not really. It was the Halloween-themed episode, so he was dressed in a ruffled ascot and his teeth were sharpened into fangs, Dracula-style.

It was cute watching his character interact with and flirt with Lucy Hale's Aria, since we had to suspend disbelief, knowing Lambs is gay in real life. But he was a believable as a singer getting his flirt on with Hale. Their interaction was alternately cute and awkward. Overall, Glambert was a natural in his part.

During his performance, Lambert was on stage, looking all sorts of glam and new wave as the entertainment at a costume party. He performed 'Cuckoo' and had the crowd immediately dancing and grooving to his tune. He was maniacally fun to watch.

We'd love to see Lambert do more scripted TV work. He was engaging in this guest spot, and we think he could really sink his teeth (even when they are not shaped like fangs) into some meaty roles, scenes and characters.

Watch Adam Lambert Interact With Aria on 'Pretty Little Liars'