Think you're safe up there in that tree stand, Mr. Hunter? You do know that bears can climb, right? If they smell that you have food up there, they might just climb up to ask if you are sharing.

In most cases, once there bear gets up with you, there is not much it can do. All four paws and all of its claws are busy holding on to the tree. Unless there are branches that he can stand on, then you are in trouble.

Here are a few videos of hunters trying to sit very still so as not to upset their furry visitor:

These little guys will show this hunter how fast they can climb.

Lucky for this hunter, this bear just wanted to come up and say hello. He paid a polite visit for a while then left.

Maybe this guy just wanted to see how a ladder worked. And maybe take a taste of the hunter's shoes while he was up there. 

Get face to face with a bear - DO NOT tell him he has bad breath.

In these cases, the bears were just curious. Maybe somebody needs to invent something the bears can't climb past, to keep the hunter safe.

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