There is something to be said about trying to act macho, even more so when your have friends and family in the room. A girl by the name of Courtney Bowie recently posted a video to her Twitter feed with the caption: "When you try to play with your girl".

The short 20 second video begins with the guy in the purple hoodie throwing some playful punches at Courtney. While none really seem to connect fully, it appears he's trying to show a little superiority. At about the 10-second mark, you can clearly hear her friends say "hit him!".

Now nothing I can find solidifies this, but it's a safe bet that Ms Bowie has had some kind of formal boxing training, because she easily sidesteps his jab, drops her shoulder and delivers one of the most devastating left hooks I've ever seen! It was such a solid punch, that I'm 100% sure Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano would all be proud.

The video ends shortly after the guy falls to the ground, but you can be sure he didn't get up anytime soon after catching that single blow to the face. I'm pretty sure I felt his pain from the numerous times I've watched this video. It really does prove without a doubt that dynamite indeed comes in small packages.

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