It's not often that you get to witness the moment when hunters realize they suddenly are the hunted, but that's exactly what happened in Wyoming a few years ago.

This is the video story that was shared by Kent Stingley. He says this happened on October 26, 2016. He and his fellow hunters were in the backcountry when they came upon some wolves on the horizon. The pack was after a herd of elk.

Then, the tables turned.

The hunters noticed that the wolf pack had lost interest in the elk herd for the moment. It was then they realized that THEY were the focus of the pack's attention as wolves could be seen stalking them through the brush.

It appears that the wolves started to spread out with several wolves taking a very aggressive approach disposition.

It's a good thing that one of the alphas appears to recognize that there are guns at the ready. It's at that point they appear to stand down and eventually disperse.

One comment on YouTube sums up the same vibe I had watching this play out:

Bobbie LaVanway - Good footage. If you have ever been circled by a know the feeling of real fear. You walk they walk, you stop they stop, and their calls to each other is awesome but quiet scary. You want to run but know not to. When you get back to your hug it like a long lost friend

Kent's footage is one of the few examples I've ever seen of a human really being hunted by wolves. Classic Wyoming wildlife moment.

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