A recent visitor to Yellowstone National Park witnessed drama that is rarely witnessed anywhere else. It was the moment a herd of elk were fleeing a wolf pack and it doesn't end like you'd expect.

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NOTE: there's nothing graphic you'll see here. Ramon Veenhuizen was visiting Yellowstone in May before the historic flooding closed the park and added this backstory:

I felt so lucky and exhilarated at the time, only focused on keeping them in the shot. Only when I started editing back home I kinda started feeling sorry for the deer. She might have only just given birth to a calf and she knows full well that if she dies now, they will die too.

Watch what this elk mom does to wear out the wolf pack so the rest of the herd can escape.

So much to unpack here. The strategy of the wolves trying to close off any possible escape routes for the lone elk. The elk mother realizing that she's likely prey and doing everything she can to make sure she's the only one the pack takes down if they're successful.

As Ramon mentioned in the video description, he's not certain of the outcome. It's likely that the wolf pack did get the elk in the end. However, it's the kind of nature drama civilized humans rarely get to witness. It's one of the reasons why Yellowstone National Park is near and dear to our hearts and will remain so.

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