Kanye West is riding high after being nominated for numerous Billboard Awards.

Ye recently posted a video to his official Twitter account thanking his fan base for his accolades. Along with the video, Mr. West added the caption:

Thank God for the favor the increase and these YEEZY SLIIIIIIIDZZZZ ⛷ thank Billboard awards for the 9 nominations and 4 wins. Invite me next time and I’ll pull up

Other than his music, Ye has still been following his presidential aspirations. He recently released his brand new campaign ad. While no one is for sure of his actual reasons, he seems to be semi-dedicated to the presidency. Considering the fact the he's a confirmed multi-billionaire, a music mogul, a fashion designer and confirmed Wyoming resident (he's spent the bulk of the last twelve months in Cody), even being on the ballot, although not in all fifty states (he's asking voters to write his name in for the others), he's still made leaps and bounds for the American Dream.

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