We never really know what Kanye West is up to. One moment, he's concentrating more on his music. The next minute, his focus is on his many different fashion companies (like his multi-billion dollar joint venture deal with Adidas for his Yeezy line). But just when you think he's out of the 20 presidential race, he comes with another shocker.

Earlier today (October 12th. 2020), Ye released a brand new campaign video to his official Twitter account along with a caption that read:

kanye2020.country we stepping out on faith

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At the end of the 1:22 second commercial, Mr. West implored voters to "write in Kanye West".

There have been several speculations on Kanye's motives for running for president, including taking black and minority votes away from Democratic candidate Joe Biden. While this particular theory has been brought up several times since Ye first announced he was running for the presidency, his on and off again support of President Donald Trump has been the backing for said theory.

While no one but Kanye really knows his true motives, the one thing that can be ascertained from this campaign video is he is attempting to put prayer (and God in general), back in the lives of Americans, whether they want to or not.

Only time will tell the outcome of all this, but with everything else we've already seen in 2020, President Kanye West really doesn't seem that strange anymore.

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