If you were worried about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's imminent divorce stopping him from making music, think again.

Famed ghostwriter to some of the Hip-Hop world's biggest stars, Cyhi The Prince, in a recent interview with VLADTV, spoke on currently working on Ye's upcoming album, DONDA, here in the Cowboy State. He also admitted to owning a home everywhere Kanye has one, including here in Wyoming. In the clip (shown below), Cyhi also stated he had previously worked on "Closed On Sundays", one of the songs off Kanye's Jesus Is King album, to which the music video was actually filmed in Cody.

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It was nice seeing CyHi in good spirits. He was recently the victim in an attempted car-jacking in Atlanta. During the course of the video, you can see how heavily taped his hands are from escaping from his 2020 Bentley Bentayga hybrid, which flipped over during the incident.

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