If you have old VHS tapes lying around, you never know what might be on them. One guy discovered a long lost interview with Chris LeDoux that dates back to 1994.

According to the video description, this 9 minute interview was for a show called "Country Connection".

I first saw this gem shared by the official Chris LeDoux Facebook page.

I believe this interview happened before a show in Laughlin, Nevada in 1994. He provided some interesting backstory to his involvement in the Lane Frost tribute movie "8 Seconds" which he mentioned brought back lots of rodeo memories of his own.

In typical Chris LeDoux style, he shared his sense of humor about corporate sponsorship of rodeo that was becoming more prevalent compared to his days riding.

"I hear little bits and pieces of things from some of the guys rodeoing today and how they're sponsored by McDonalds or ketchup or something...every little bit helps...before it was you were sponsored by your own back pocket...yeah...you might get a few pair of free britches and a new pair of boots..."

One great thing about this new video discovery is it is a completely raw interview with before and after conversation where you can sense what a down-to-earth sort of man that Chris LeDoux was. Very polite with no pretenses. It's yet another reason why this Wyoming legend is missed now more than ever. Just LeDoux it indeed.

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