Once again nature was on display in Yellowstone National Park. New video shows the Junction Butte wolf pack trying to chase down a bison. Spoiler alert: the wolves didn't win this time.

Yellowstone Wolf Tracker is one of the more active tour groups in Yellowstone National Park. They frequently share video from groups who want to see wolves in their natural habitat. This group was not disappointed.

It's no secret by now that the Junction Butte Wolf Pack is the largest in Yellowstone and it appears they're growing based on recent video of new pups. Despite the fact that this lone bison was wildly outnumbered, it appears that he escaped this time.

According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, the Junction Butte wolf pack is highly habituated to humans. They don't seem to be phased by groups that observe them. That's probably why we're seeing more and more experiences shared of this pack in the wild.

I appreciated this new video share since it's nice to see a bison win (sort of) one of these battles since bears and wolves often end up on the receiving end of a meal.

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