This pandemic is taking its toll on Casperites in a lot of different ways, boredom being one of the worst. It has even been affecting myself and my coworkers. That's why I have to give props to a couple of lovely ladies on our team for an awesome idea that they came up with, which we implemented today.

Enter "Formal Tuesdays". While initially planned as a prank on one of our other coworkers (which inadvertently backfired), Formal Tuesdays is also a way for us to break the monotony. While we are down to basically a skeleton crew most days at the station, with the majority of our teammates working from home, Formal Tuesdays was the brainchild of The Lady Alex and Mary. I jumped on board, because: why not?

Getting dressed up (semi in my case), you have to take photos, because if you don't, there's no proof it happened. So here is our fun for the day.

What ways have you been having fun at work? Let us know in the comments!

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