As we head towards President Donald J.Trump's inauguration and a new administration, many Americans have plenty of fears.

Wyomingites don't seem to share the feelings of their counterparts around the United States.

Wyoming voters supported President Elect Donald Trump at the highest rate in the Country. Trump received approximately 70% of the votes from Wyoming in November’s election.

Perhaps a weakened economy and Trump, himself on the campaign trail in Colorado and not forgetting the Wyoming Voters, many whom are miners.

People around the United States are scared of a lot of things, which range from terror attacks, corruption of government officials, (top fear from last year) government restrictions on firearms and ammunition and  don't forget,The Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare.

With Trump winning 70% of the state of Wyoming voters, there doesn't seem to be that much fear in the Cowboy State.

Take our Poll and share your fears as we move forward in America. Feel free to add an answer if yours isn't represented.

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