Rumor has it, there are some emojis that remain in the "Frequently Used" section of our phones more than others.

Oh emojis, where would we be without you helping us communicate with others? You're precise, flirtatious, and quite frankly, emotive. You keep us out of awkward conversation pickles that could otherwise become ugly, by putting a true emotion behind our words. No "misread texts" here.

So which do we use the most?

A website called was able to pull information about each state and the emoji most used within its borders. The site claims the numbers are informal (and I'm willing to bet they are almost too fluid to measure concretely), but they based their results on Google searches. So let's dive in. It looks like the smiley face with heart eyes is the favorite among most states. Apparently we love to tell others they're hot!

Unfortunately, the website said that there wasn't enough data to present a favorite emoji in the state of Wyoming. What?! This is ridiculous! The states around us use the "laugh so much you cry" emoji, the thumbs up emoji and the heart-eyes smiling emoji. Maybe we fall into the same habits as they do, or maybe we have our own.

When I searched Google Trends on Thursday, June 15, I found that we most search for and therefore use the most (based on's reasoning) the poop emoji and the shrug emoji. Sound familiar? Are these emojis in your "Frequently Used" right now?

Click here to see a map of the entire United States.

Which is your favorite emoji? Tell us in the comments below.

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