Halloween is the number one thing on Casper's mind one week into October.

From what I can tell from social media, Halloween preparations should have already been finalized about two weeks ago. People are crazy about this holiday and it only seems to grow each and every year. Don't even mention Saint Nick unless you plan on going as his ghost to your office Halloween carnival. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the parts of our state that are taking the holiday more seriously than others... at least at this point in the month.

For that we turn to Google Trends.

I figured, if you're Googling it then it means a lot to you. So based on the sheer number of searches that involve Halloween, we know who is already prepping for their celebrations, or already have completed them. Doesn't matter if it is candy, costumes, decorations or just buckets of fake blood.

When I searched for Wyoming, I found that Casper is already all in for Halloween. There are more Google searches in our area than any other part of the state. Coming in second place is Cheyenne.

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