With the two party candidates chosen for the upcoming Presidential election, people are rushing to learn more about each candidate before the general election in November. While we all think we know what each candidate is about, we still don't know enough to make an informed decision. Thankfully we have the internet and can use Google to search for any information we need on each candidate. Well, maybe not ANY information. For that we turn to wikileaks.

So what do people in Wyoming search the most that pertains to Republican candidate Donald Trump? Our friends at Estately dug up the stats and the answer might surprise you.

I originally thought the most searches would be things like:

1) Is Donald Trump's hair real?


2) How much is Donald Trump worth?

But, in reality, Wyomingites searched for more hard hitting terms,topics and questions like:

1) Melania Trump Naked

2) Bengazi


3) Trump Purple Heart

Find out what the other 49 states searched for when it comes to learning more about Trump.