Since IHOP is officially going all in on burgers with their new IHOB name, we thought we would pass along some ideas for a potential "Wyoming Burger" menu option.

In case you haven't heard, IHOP is now IHOB. The International House of Pancakes is putting its focus on burgers. This isn't too much of a stretch since the popular breakfast chain had burgers on the menu already. The move came on Monday after a week of teasing and it's only taken five seconds for the Internet to lose its mind.

One man claimed he would only be eating at Denny's now, to which another person pointed out that they also feature burgers on their menu. The biggest miss for me is that IHOP has neglected to marry their two loves; breakfast and burgers. Why not create a breakfast burger?

This got me thinking a lot about burgers (honestly, I already dream about burgers every 6.7 seconds) and the possibility to customize burgers for each state. Wouldn't it be great to walk into a Wyoming IHOB and see a burger on the menu representing our state? What would this burger be made with or topped with?

Let's dive in...

Bun: Smash some Potato Oles into a bun-like consistency.

Patty: Bison. What else?

Toppings: Why not toss the entire Chuckwagon breakfast on here with beans and a fried egg.

Condiments: Forego the typical ketchup and mustard. Instead let's smother this baby in fry sauce.

Served with: More Potato Oles...

How would you make a Wyoming burger?

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