It's 2022 and not many people ride horses as their main source of transportation anymore. Living in Wyoming, horses are still used on a daily basis by many, some for work, some for sport and some for enjoyment.

Unless the rider is a 'City Slicker', it's likely they're wearing proper horse riding gear. Cowboy hat, blue jeans, belt and buckle, chaps, boots and spurs are all items that can be found on a person riding the back of a horse.

If you're working on a ranch or out riding and need to make a quick trip into town, you're probably not going to change your clothing. You'll more than likely jump in your vehicle, drive to town, do what you need to do, head back and continue your day.

What about your spurs?

Spur 1
Western Buckaroo via YouTube

It's not often you hear the metal clinking sound of a set of spurs on the floor at Walmart. Spurs are riding aids used to communicate with your horse and directing the movement of what you need the horse to do.


Spurs have been in use since the days of the Roman Empire, when the Romans used the spurs to steer their horse. Using spurs allowed the riders hands to be free during combat. Since then spurs have been used by horse riders as an added tool for proper riding.

An experienced rider will know how to properly use the spurs and will do it in a way that will not hurt the horse. Horses are an important part to daily lives and using the spurs wrong and hurting the horse doesn't benefit the rider at all. It's suggested that an inexperienced rider to not use spurs to prevent hurting the horse.

The use of spurs isn't the biggest debate when it comes to wearing spurs.

spur 3
Charles Wilhelm via YouTube

Honestly, did you know there was a huge debate about the wearing of spurs in public? Yea, me neither. Seems as though there has been quite the heated debate that's been going on for years.

Some think you should never wear your spurs in public.

So if you're on a horse for much of the day, do you take your spurs off when you're not on the horse? Seems like quite a big chore to keep taking them off and putting them back on, especially if you're getting back on the horse.

If you're riding in the rodeo, it seems appropriate that you're wearing your spurs all the time. You don't see Tom Brady taking off his cleats because he's on the sideline, do you?

According to, wearing spurs in public is likely going to draw  attention and some may think you're wearing them just for that attention. I say if you're doing it for the attention, wear the biggest, loudest spurs you can find. If you're wearing them because it's part of your daily wear, carry on.

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