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With two minutes left in the Fiesta Bowl, someone on the SportsCenter social media staff published a Facebook update proclaiming Oregon the winner over Kansas State. Oops.

"De'Anthony Thomas exploded for 195 all-purpose yards in Oregon's Fiesta Bowl win. LIKE if Thomas is the most exciting player in college football."

The update was pulled from Facebook within minutes, but not before being seen by thousands of SportsCenter's 6.5 million Facebook fans. To be fair, who among us has not fallen victim to an itchy trigger finger and published a Facebook post before we should have?

This probably would have been a bigger deal if Kansas State had somehow managed to come back and beat Oregon after the post went up, but no such luck - Oregon wrapped up the game with a 35-17 win over KS, highlighted by the 195 total yards from De'Anthony Thomas, the subject of the Facebook faux pas.

All of that being said, what is probably more interesting is the photo that SportsCenter Facebook Fans would have seen if checking from their mobile device.


At first glance, this may seem like one of the more racist things you've seen all day, but if you were to click through to the full image, you would have seen this:

ESPN SportCenter

Leave a comment and tell us which do you think is a bigger screw up, the early post, or the mis-cropped photo?