I received a Facebook message from a loyal listener today:

Dead Aaron,

Seeing Lil Wayne desecrate our nations flag during the filming of his latest music video is beyond acceptable. In my humble opinion, your radio station should consider pulling his songs off the air to show your support for our country. At least until he goes public with an apology, which I doubt he ever will. I'd appreciate your thoughts.



We appreciate the feedback, Crystal. This brings up a great point and is worthy of discussion. This is not the first time a radio station had decided to pull songs or artists surrounded by controversy. I recall when Dixie Chicks were taken off of country stations due to their comments about George Bush when he was President. And most recently, the untimely lyrics that came from Ke$ha's "Die Young" during the Newtown school shootings. Often times, a radio station will respect the concerns of its valued listeners, and as it stands, you are the first to speak your mind about this controversy and our association with it. As it stands now, we will wait it out and see how other stations react.

With that in mind, let's propel this discussion further by allowing the rest of our audience share their opinions. Below is a comment section further below to allow you and others to continue on with your thoughts on this particular issue.

First, the controversial video in question...

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