Valentine's day is just around the corner. (February 14th.) This is the day to show your significant other all the love that you have for them and just how much they mean to you.

This is not a holiday that is just celebrated here in the U.S. and I wanted to check out how other culters and other countries celebrate this lovely holiday. It turns out that it varies quite drastically from place to place. Let's take a look at how these places show their love.

Denmark has a couple of ways to do things making sure to not leave out the single folks in their culture. For instance, instead of roses, they give out pressed white flower peddles which they call "snowdrops" Of course for the people who are in relationships they have something a little more exciting and fun. Handmade cards with a photo of a good time shared between them and a gift to go with it.

South Korea is a place that I would love to celebrate this holiday in since it spans from February 14th all the way till March 14th. However, they do things a little differently aside from having a month-long holiday. The women are the ones who start the gift giving with candies and chocolates. Of course, men reciprocate the love with candies, chocolates, and a gift a month later. This is also known as white day.

I was surprised to see that they also have a day for singles known as black day. I know, it doesn't sound super exciting and you're right. It's a time for singles to mourne their solitude with a dish called "jajangmyeon" Or black bean pasta noodles.

South Africa celebrates in similar ways to other parts of the world, but one thing they do that sets them aside is that the women wear hearts on their sleeves with the name of their significant other or the person who they admire.

All in all, if you're looking for a new and exciting way to celebrate this valentines day look to see how other cultures do things and believe me you'll be inspired to do something new and fun. It doesn't matter if you're single or you have someone to share the day with love is in the air.

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