The tragedy in Las Vegas Sunday night has dominated the news for days now, and we are learning more and more about the victims of the worst mass shooting in modern US history, and the madman at the center of it.

But for two Wyomingites, it couldn’t be more personal. Thomas and Suzanne Rullman live in Cody and are huge country music fans. Thomas is the President of GT Aeronautics in Cody where they design and build remote, pilotless aircraft for both civilian and defense use.

Thomas is ex-military and Suzanne is a former nurse, and were in the crowd enjoying the country music they love when around 10PM, hell was unleashed from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel.

We spoke with them about what happened, and how they both pitched in with so many others to tend the wounded, evacuate others, and try to get help for the victims of this madness.

When you listen, you’ll hear a story of courage as bullets were landing just feet away, and although they both shrug off what they did, the emotions are still near the surface for them.

The interview is a little long, but gripping.

This is the story of Thomas and Suzanne Rullman and a night of fun and music that turned to chaos and pain. And it’s the minute by minute story of two good people from Wyoming, who used their skills to help others in an unimaginably dangerous situation.

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